Citizens Opposed to Bureaucratic Bullying and Excessive Regulation


We used to post newsletters to members and subscribers but now we put everything on this website.

The purpose of this website is to share new ideas, reveal the workings of various bureaucracies, and swap information on methods of dealing with them. We invite you to tell us your story concisely and clearly. Please make these stories accurate, and let us know if you want your name kept out of it. We will be particularly interested in pitfalls for unwary citizens, and ways citizens can protect themselves from bureaucrats.

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Are for people who want to vigorously support COBBERs. You have the choice of a normal donation with a numbered receipt, or an anonymous donation. These funds will go into the COBBERs account for which Philip O’Carroll takes personal responsibility. This money will be used to spread the word.


A COBBER is anyone who opposes bureaucratic bullying and excessive regulation. I have resisted the suggestion to form a party. Parties are so easily hijacked for other agendas. Bullying bureaucracy is a concern for people of all political parties. Citizens can and should form their own support group in their own area when a local person is bullied by bureaucracy.

What can I do?

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