Citizens Opposed to Bureaucratic Bullying and Excessive Regulation

Index of COBBERs Issues

(In Alphbatetical Order)

About COBBERs - Short description of COBBERs.
Aims - What COBBERs wants to achieve.
Article about COBBERs - COBBERs in the media.
Certified Bureaucrats - the academic menace
Channel 9: A Current Affair - COBBERs
COBBERs Aid Party - helping out a bullied citizen
COBBERs and Criminals - different motives entirely
COBBERs Politics - not an ideology
COBBERs Logo - icons of democracy
COBBERs Membership - how to join
Code of Good Regulation - how to decrease the negative effects of regulation.
Country NSW - bureaucratic bullying
Country Vic - bureaucratic bullying
Enlighten Your Local Bureaucrats - free information
Enterprise Bureaucracy - the regulating industry
Evils of Bureaucracy - the standard list
False God of Safety - my obsession becomes your oppression
Feral Lawyers - the few profit, the many are entangled
Fining For Profit - perversion of purpose of penalties
Fining Frenzy - the road regulator's dilemma
Food Safety Laws - interfering with basic rights
Forced Puchases - creation of council work and income.
From The Members - some country issues
From the Suburbs - traffic issues
Gold Spots & Highwaymen - new tax collecting systems
Home Front - fighting for the peace
Human Rights' Future in Australia - overview
Immigration - how it has been exploited
Informing COBBERs - help fight against excessive regulation.
Inform Not Control - treat citizens as adults
Junk News - how to frighten, demoralise and regulate
Latest Items - Articles from Newsletter #4
Letter to Sunday Age - COBBERs in the media.
Live - and Let Live - the COBBERs motto
Manifesto - The original COBBERs policy statement.
Membership - How to join COBBERs
Reclaim Our Homes - ownership means control
Revenue Collectors - exploiting parking powers
Revenue Raising - funding through fining and charging
School Camp Site - bureaucrats bulldoze community life
Spelling the word BUREAUCRACY - from the french
Spreading The Good Word - free brochures
Subscriptions - how to get the COBBERs newsletters
Tactics used by bureaucracy - to oppress and frustrate citizens
The car: we love it and we hate it - a life and death game
The New Corruption - immorality without illegality
Three Alerts - warnings: gaping wounds in our body politic
Unholy Allies - industries that propagate over-regulation
What is to be done? - practical measures
Who are these people? - the inherent dangers of bureaucracy. 

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