Citizens Opposed to Bureaucratic Bullying and Excessive Regulation


COBBERs stands for Citizens Opposed to Bureaucratic Bullying and Excessive Regulation. This web site contains the basic policy of the COBBERs movement.

COBBERs has been founded to counteract the growing menace of bureaucracy in Australia today. There are now too many regulations, oppressively and illogically enforced, by an ever more arrogant public service. The quality of life in Australia is at risk, not from Communism or Capitalism, but from Bureaucracy, this growing army of parasites which has become a law unto itself.

Some regulation is necessary. An obvious example is a uniform rule as to which side of the road we drive on. Some public servants are respectful of citizens’ rights. But the number of unreasonable regulations, unwarranted fines, and unjustified interference in the lives of citizens, is growing daily.

Our brochure has been posted to thousands of people around Australia. If you want to read it now, click on Manifesto.

The founder of COBBERs, Philip O’Carroll, has also written on many other subjects. If you wish to see a selection of his Letters to the Editor, click on Philip O’Carroll.

Communication with COBBERs on any of these matters is invited.

To get in touch with us, please see our contact details.

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